Reiki Angel TM Jewelry is fused with Reiki, Healing, Love, Light & Protection and programmed for Self-Clearing & Protection From Negativity, Grounding, Balancing, Clarity, Unconditional Love, Peace, Joy & Abundance. Reiki Angel TM Jewelry is like no other... Each piece of Jewelry is Activated as a Healing tool- enabling you to receive Reiki Healing any time you need it ,simply by wearing or holding your personalized jewelry, with the intention of receiving healing.  As you wear or hold your activated  Reiki Angel TM Jewelry, Reiki Angel  TM Healing energy will first enter through your crown chakra and move down through your body, infusing all of the beautiful healing & attunements within each of your cells  as the healing energy moves down through your body & out through your feet chakras, forming an energy bridge between Heaven & Earth.  As the energy moves out through your feet chakras, all negativity will be drawn out & down into the Earth's core where it can be processed & neutralized.


Reiki Angel  TM Jewelry also includesthe following  attunements:

* The Holy Trinity for balanced Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

* Father God/ Mother God for Balnced male/female energies & for assistance & healing for balancing polarities.

Archangel & 7 Ray Attunements:

Attuned to The Archangels & The Powers of The 7 Rays~
AA Michael & the Power of the Blue Ray of Power & Protection.
AA Jophiel and the Power of the Yellow Ray of Wisdom & Illumination
AA Chamuel & the Power of the Pink Ray of Unconditional Love & Adoration
AA Gabriel & The Power of the White Ray of Purity & Angel Harmony
AA Raphael & The Power of the Green Ray of Healing & Truth
AA Uriel & The Power of the Gold Ray of Peace & Unity
AA Zadkiel & The Power of the Violet Ray of Freedom & Transmutation.

Attunement to Gaia, Our Precious Earth Mother for Balancing to clear & repel all negative energies

Kwan Yin

Mother Mary


Dr Mikao Usui

Angel Amethyst

Angel Peter

And all of the other beautiful Angels & Beings of Light who come through who are helping you with your healing, as I am personalizing your attunements before shipment.


Reiki Angel  TM Healing & Attunements always include a powerful Self Love Healing Attunement, along with Aloha & Ho'oponopono  Healing, Love & Forgiveness of Self & Others.  Additional Optional Attunements that are available are:  Reiki Level 1 Attunement for Self-Healing,  Attunements to color energy healing, Attunements to additional Crystal & Flower Essences, Attunements to Crystal Bowl Tones for additional vibrational healing. Reiki Angel Healing & Attunements are programmed to amplify the healing energy of each crystal, making your crystals & gemstones, extremely powerful. Reiki Angel Healing & Attunements also  clear all past history & negative energies from the jewelry & program them to be self-clearing & activated for the individual who will be wearing the jewelry so that as they hold or wear their Reiki Angel TM Jewelry, Reiki Angel Healing & Attunements will flow wherever it is needed in all directions of time & space for as long as each piece of jewelry is in existence & with it's original owner. 



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